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the great migration
Great Migration

Game viewing

Game viewing



Game viewing

Game viewing

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Game viewing


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Sky of  Serengeti Safaris Land Cruiser Mara River

We have many Safaris programs with different price. Our price is based on 2 pax sharing a room and we charge a supplement for single room. International flights excluded.
Let us know which location and lodge you are interested in, when and how long your trip, what is your budget, etc. Feel free to be quite vague, describing a style or atmosphere if you have not isolated any specific location just yet.
We will then get back to you with some suggestions. You can contact us by email or phone.

Ndutu Wildebeest


Ndutu Wildebeest
Honeymoon Safari Tanzanie
Budget Safari
Tanzania Family
Adventure Natron
Bird Watching
Sky of  Serengeti Safaris Lions Tarangire


Lake Manyara Night Game Drive

Lake Natron, walking and trekking

Serengeti Balloon

Zanzibar Stone Town

Nature Walking

Air Adventures
Customized aerial Safaris in East Africa Air Adventures committed in environmental protection
lioness, Serengeti

Safari Packing List

Each client is limited to 13 kg baggage on the aircraft. Your baggage should be packed in soft duffel bags to fit into the small luggage compartments of the aircraft and in the vehicles you will be using during your trip.

  • Clothing
    • Long sleeved lightweight shirt for protection from the sun and insects
    • Sweater - Jacket and pants for cold temperatures experienced at night
    • Hat
    • Bathing suit ( for those staying in Hotels, Luxury Permanent Camps or Lodges with a swimming pool)
    • Socks
    • Sandals to wear during safari
    • Lightweight hiking shoes
    • One nice pair of shoes
    • Short pants
    • Sunglasses

    Please note that bright and white colors are not advised whilst on safari. We advise you to wear neutral colored clothes as brown, grey, khaki, green etc.

  • Personal Items
    • Malaria tablets
    • Sunscreen - Sun block
    • Lip sun block
    • Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo
    • Ziplock bags for camera and toiletries
    • Insects repellent

  • Other Items
    • Waterproof-dustproof bags - cover for your cameras.
    • Extra camera batteries
    • Flashlight
    • Binoculars (each of our vehicles would normally have 1 binoculars)
    • Locks for baggage
    • Wildlife guide books (each of our vehicles would normally have 1 for Bird & 1 for animals)
    • Small backpack
    • Travellers checks or currency,
    • ID, Passport, Visas, Tickets, etc.
    • Small gifts for children like pencils, pens, exercise books, spiral books, small backpacks, coloring books, colored markers

  • Caution - Zanzibar
    • If you go to Zanzibar, more specifically to Stone Town, please be advised
      that this place is of Muslim majority, and long dresses are strongly recommended. Avoid skin-tight clothes unless you are at the beaches Hakuna Matata .

Our Safari Vehicles

Sky of Serengeti Safaris VehiculesSky of Serengeti Safaris Vehicules

Sky of Serengeti Safaris Ltd uses Toyota Land cruiser 4WD which have been specially built for game viewing and photography. Each vehicle has ample seating, with seat pockets, reference books, binoculars, bottled water, First-aid kit and a cool box for refreshments. Our vehicles have been specially converted for maximum space and comfort including ample space for luggage.
Each vehicle has an open roof and large sliding windows to make viewing and photographing easier during safari Game drives. Each vehicle is equipped with a 2-way HF radio controller for convenient communication between our drivers and our base at any time. A window seat is guaranteed to each passenger. Each vehicle has at least 2 spare tires. To ensure reliable performance from our safari vehicles, an inspection is carried out before every safari.

Toyota Land Cruiser 5 pax and driver Toyota Land Cruiser 7 pax and driver
Toyota Land Cruiser 5 pax and driver Toyota Land Cruiser 7 pax and driver
Sky of Serengeti Safaris Vehicules

For further information and reservations contact us
serengeti . safaris @ skysere . com

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